Saturday 8 October 2011

So long Steve and thanks for all the Lulz

5th October was a sad day - Steve Jobs passed away.

I was walking through the Apple Store yesterday and although I had been thinking that Steve's biggest legacy was his contribution to defining the PC market as it is today, something else struck me.  Upstairs a grandmother with her grandson was setting up her first iPad 2, helped by an Apple Store employee.  I walked downstairs and passed an iPad 2 demonstration.  The audience was full of people aged between 60 and 70, all following along on their iPads.  

When I got home, my daughter was playing her games on her iPad - working with the touch screen like she had been born with it.

I think Steve's legacy was really his ability to make technology and communication span generations and make the experience accessable to all.  I'm not sure we have anyone to take his place.  RIP Steve.

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  1. You are right. Apple’s user friendly software allows people of all ages to use it efficiently. Steve has definitely left a lasting mark on this world.