Monday 5 April 2010

New Harry Rowland Wheelset

I've just received a set of handmade Harry Rowland wheels for my commuting bike.  For a while I've been putting up with a set of factory build wheels from SJS Cycles - but they are cheap and of poor quality.  For the weight I carry they have continually broken spokes so I felt it was about time for an upgrade to something a little better.

Harry Rowland is a well-known wheelbuilder - you only have to do a quick Google to find positive comments and reviews of his work.  I had a chat with Harry and he recommended a set of Rigida 36h rims with Sputnik hubs for my weight and commuting requirements.  You can see the wheels in the photos below.  

First impressions are that the wheels are really strong and running perfectly true (as you'd expect).  I'm going to get these on the bike shortly.  With wheels a long term test is required - so i'll post my thoughts in a few weeks time.



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